Celebrate World Ocean Day!

World Ocean Day occurs every year on June 8th. Visit the World Ocean Day website to see how you can participate in saving the ocean and its denizens.

Ocean-Aware aims to raise awareness to the plight of endangered fish species. We do this by creating home goods, accessories, clothing, and artwork featuring designs based on their stunning and colorful markings.

How did Ocean-Aware come to be?

When you think of animal patterns, you picture zebras, leopards, and giraffes. But do you envision a Yellow Boxfish or a Mandarin Dragonet? Probably not. Many people have no idea that these beautiful fish exist.

Ocean-Aware’s designs were inspired by gorgeous photographs of ocean fish that are found all around the globe. We use the natural markings and color schemes of a variety of fish species in our designs to showcase the beauty of Earth’s sea life and reveal their natural elegance.

Ocean-Aware is helping take care of the denizens of the seas. The ocean is rapidly becoming uninhabitable due to pollution, over-fishing, oil drilling, and many other man-made threats. We must take care of these problems soon, before many aquatic animals die or even become extinct in our near future. Although the public is becoming more aware of the ocean’s unhealthy condition, much more needs to be done.

To help our ocean community, please purchase one of our products through Zazzle.com and Contrado.com. We donate a percentage of our net profits to environmental organizations whose mission is to keep our ocean clean and our sea life thriving.

Fish Patterned Pillow and Mug Ocean-Aware