Whitley’s Boxfish

The Whitley’s Boxfish, Ostracion whitleyi, is found in the waters surrounding the Pacific Islands. We have created a gorgeous print from its deep blue color and distinctive white spots and stripes.

Because of its vivid coloring, the Whitley’s Boxfish is sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. In general, these are quiet fish that keep to themselves on the sandy ocean bottom, around rocks and corals.

Whitleys Boxfish Ocean-Aware
Whitleys Boxfish Ocean-Aware
Whitleys BoxFish Pattern

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Ocean-Aware’s mission is to raise awareness to the plight of endangered fish species by creating home goods, electronics, accessories, clothing, and artwork that use their stunning and colorful markings. Ocean-Aware donates a percentage of its net profit to environmental organizations whose purpose is to save our ocean wildlife.

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